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E-Bikes, bicycles & bike gears for all outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers.

We invite you to explore the greatest collection of bikes and experience the eternal bliss that occurs while riding GoPaceXL! Our selection includes folding bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, commuting bikes, cruising bikes, and bike gears.

The future has arrived! GoPaceXL for anyone, anywhere.

We offer the best value on bikes and aspire to get you the right one at the best price. Teenagers or adults, distance, speed, age, health, or stamina are no longer barriers with e-bikes! No insurance required, no fuel cost.

GoPaceXL determines from your lifestyle choices the perfect e-bike for you and your mates. They are ideal for traditional bicycle enthusiasts but also open up a whole new list of possibilities. Check out the comprehensive availability of other products in outdoor recreation and other categories.

The range of an e-bike, depending on the model, will be 20-50 miles or longer. The speed of an e-bike could be as high as 28 miles per hour and loads of fun!

  • Crossover leggings with pockets



  • Embroidered Polo Shirt



  • EP-100 Electric Inboard Boat Motor



  • EP-12 Electric Inboard Boat Motor



  • EP-14 Electric Outboard Boat Motor



  • EP-20 Electric Inboard Boat Motor



  • EP-20 Electric Outboard Boat Motor



  • EP-200 Electric Inboard Boat Motor



  • EP-30 Electric Outboard Boat Motor



  • EP-5 Electric Outboard Boat Motor



  • EP-50 Electric Outboard Boat Motor



  • EP-6 Electric Inboard Boat Motor