S1 SEA SCOOTER Combo Unit (Two-Pack)



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Lefeet 350 WATT S1 SEA SCOOTER Combo Unit (Two-Pack)

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S1 COMBO (TWO UNITS) Compact Size, LEFEET S1 is very small in size relative to other underwater propulsion systems, and weighs only 5.07lb (including battery). Fits easily into luggage, take it with you to every dive resort around the world.Compact Size. Wireless Control., Ultra light / Easy to assemble/ Easy to carry-on. Liberate the inherent form and pair multiple units for more fun. Modular Design. Achieve diversified playing way with various accessories, Multiple Speed Settings, 3 Speeds mode for increased underwater freedom, and Comply with Airline Policies. Battery comply with air policy, making you travel with no worry. Product Description, Modular Design, 3 Speed Modes, Speed?1.5m/s, Charging time?2.5 hours, Run time? 30-60 mins, Max Depth?40 m, Battery Safe On Flight1

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm